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Friday, 2 January 2015

Hope Spreads

On the first day of 2015 I challenged Church in Progress peeps to have a read, think, pray, doodle and connect with God to help us figure out where Church in Progress might be led this year. 

Alan and I got prayer doodling that very same day. I wondered with God what our community needs. The word that kept popping out was hope.

Whatever we do this year I pray that we will focus on providing hope for others and for ourselves too. Hope comes in many forms ... what is hope to you?

Other bits and bobs that I thought about while doodling ...

- everything takes time (we are always in such a rush)!
- little by little
- we don't have to do it alone
- don't give up
- God is colourful, mighty and ready.
- To spread love and hope - we have believe in being loving and hopeful (even when we find it hard to be loving and hopeful)

Alan also had a great insight while reading Genesis yesterday. Whether you believe it's a myth or fact ... in the Genesis story, surely God could have made everything in one day? However, God did a little bit each day and God even set aside time to rest. Is that a model we could use? A little at a time and a time to rest?

What shall we do first?

Emily x

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