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Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Favourite Hymns

Photo Credit: The Pug Father. Flickr
Alan and I joined the worshiping community at Trinity Methodist in Napier last week. We (attempted) to sing this hymn. I say attempted as I hadn't heard it before but I LOVED the words. It especially appealed to me as we travel so much and I like the idea of a dolphin Christ.

"Where The Road Runs Out"

Where the road runs out and the signposts end,
where we come to the edge of today,
be the God of Abraham for us,
send us out upon our way.

Lord, you were our beginning,
the faith that gave us birth.
We look to you, our ending,
our hope for heaven and earth.

When the coast is left and we journey on
to the rim of the sky and the sea,
be the sailor's friend, be the dolphin Christ,
lead us in to eternity.

When the clouds are low and the wind is strong,
when tomorrow's storm draws near,
be the spirit bird hovering overhead
who will take away our fear.

(Words: Colin Gibson. Tune: Columbus. WOV 672/ AA 156)

This Sunday we are leading the service at the Bay of Islands Uniting Parish in Paihia. With the help of my ever-so-talented Aunty we are letting people choose their favourite hymns and hopefully they'll talk about why they are so special to them and to their faith.

So, what's your favourite hymn or worship song?

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