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Friday, 10 January 2014

Record of Church in Progress Ideas - 10th January 2014 (at Youth Line Cafe Papatoetoe)

Present: Adrienne, Matheus, Riley, Angie, Alan and Emily

Adrienne opened in prayer

New Year, New Prayer word search handed out

Focus – Mark 6:30-44 – Feeding the Five Thousand. The disciples didn’t know how to feed all the people gathered. But Jesus said go and see. It turns out that they had all the resources they needed – they just needed to look. Just like Church in Progress.

We talked through being officially connect with MCC – we all said YES!

Christmas Event

Things that we would change

Time – better use of time - tighter
Keep to time so it finishes at the time we said it would
More unconnected people to come – random people coming who aren’t directly connected to the core team (being connected to MCC will help this)
Facilitator not be totally involved in the session they are leading – have core activities that we will defo do – what could we drop

Stay the same
Snow fight (playing, physical, allowed to have fun, minimal effort cost maximum gain)
All the different people that were there. People that wouldn’t normally come to church came along.
The effect and learning it had on the kids and adults alike
The format – most of it worked really well
Group crafts – enabling people to chat
Venue was perfect for this event
Communion (people took communion that haven’t for a long time)
It’s not about recreating what people can access else where
Mix of traditional and new
All ages together
Lots of things can happen at once
Angie can still bring her whole family next time!
It was fun! The preparation was fun.
Working together towards the content – Team effort
Food Bank – The Mangere Budgeting Centre really appreciated the food

Bank account – we will have to open one at some point - decided to give koha $34 to ROCC

Busking, beach and other events planned for January – see facebook events

Soup Circle – time of learning, discussion and foundation building – starts on the 5th of Feb – 5-6.30pm (each week someone is responsible for doing a one dish wonder – if you bring friends along, you are responsible for them)

Alan closed in Prayer

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