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Friday, 10 January 2014

Inaugural Christmas Gathering 2013

Alan & Megan's handiwork

Daniel & Riley with Mum Angie

Being welcomed on to Papatuanuku Kokiri Marae

Meeting the Tangata Whenua
Alan opens with an 'all inclusive' welcome  

Adrienne & Matheus invite the group to begin with a special Christmas Cracker activity

The Snowball activity gets under way (see Angie about to fire)...

...and the response is just as enthusiastic...

and still the battle continues!

Creating something out of nothing - from junk mail to a collage with a message

The group's creative touch starts to take shape

Making a paper chain of prayers - Naomi assists with production

...and the chain keeps growing

Riley demonstrates how to make the most of the toy library slide
Wayne shows his daughter Te Paea how to play snakes & ladders

Emily and her support team, as we begin the Nativity Play - Church in Progress style!

Megan transforms into Mary

Mary's baby Jesus (Matheus), is a little unsure of the script

Our resident playwright (Michelle), becomes co-narrator

And theres nothing like ending with Boney M

Tania & Wayne's daughter Ngaia looking very focussed

Our Church in Progress group (minus a few who departed earlier)

...the sun beckons

Some found it hard to leave!  We were surprised and
delighted to be invited join in with the celebrations hosted by the
people of Papatuanuku Kokiri Marae - what a day!

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  1. Wow, you sure look like one beautiful family and I wish I was there, but one day I will be. I am always thinking of you and your ministry and wish you all the best for a fulfilling and blessed 2014. Keep up the good work and God Bless YOU.


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