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Wednesday, 13 November 2013

How do you want this Christmas to .. be?

Christmas is a time that is often quite stressful, expensive and rushed.  However, there is an alternative.

The Church in Progress team are building up to ...  

"Be Part of the Story" 
An Inclusive Christian Christmas Celebration!
Saturday 7th December 2.30
Papatuanuku Kokiri Marae, 141 Roberston Road, Mangere

We would like to invite you to the first official gathering of Church in Progress.
It would be great to get together with YOU and to share with one another
what it means to celebrate Christmas in Aotearoa.
We have lots of fun and inspiring stuff planned … 

* Creative Conversations 
* Giant toys for kids of all ages
* Opportunity to share in Communion
* Games
* Prayer
* Crafty Stuff 
* And of course - a Nativity Play (like you've never seen before)!

If you are able please bring one or all three of the following … 
plate of food/koha/something non-perishable for the food bank

2.30pm - please arrive in time for the Powhiri at 2.30pm. 
Then we'll have lots of activities and of course ... Food!
4.30pm-6.30pm: Feel free to stay longer 
to mix and mingle, keep eating and even help clean up if you fancy!

Come by yourself or with friends or family – EVERYONE is welcome!
Church in Progress is an experiment in inclusive worship and action in South Auckland.
Church in Progress aims to spread the love of God in an affirmative and inclusive manner to all
people of our community and beyond regardless of
gender, race, language, culture or sexual orientation.

 For more details on our facebook event page or email us at 


Everyday we are sharing with God our concerns and thanks in the build up to our community Christmas event. Maybe you'd like to join us?

Acts 15:13-18 “Friends, listen. Simeon has told us the story of how God at the very outset made sure that racial outsiders were included. This is in perfect agreement with the words of the prophets: After this, I’m coming back; I’ll rebuild David’s ruined house; I’ll put all the pieces together again; I’ll make it look like new, So outsiders who seek will find, so they’ll have a place to come to, All the pagan peoples included in what I’m doing.“ God said it and now he’s doing it. It’s no afterthought; he’s always known he would do this. …. 

Loving God, be with us on our journey to create a spiritual home where we can learn more about you as we serve one another. We know You have wonderful plans for us! Amen

Sunday 10th Nov
We give thanks for the many church communities in South Auckland
Monday 11th Nov
Pray that our invite will encourage people to attend our Christmas event
Tuesday 12th Nov
Give thanks that God came into the world as a baby – just like us!
Wednesday 13th Nov
Pray for those who feel the pressure of consumerism at this time, that they have the strength to celebrate the true spirit of Christmas
Thursday 14th Nov
We prayer for the people of our host venue, Papatuanuku Kokiri Marae and for the good work they do in our community
Friday 15th Nov
We give thanks as we are able to worship without persecution in New Zealand
Saturday 16th Nov
Today is ‘Pull our Resources Day’ – we give thanks that we are willing to share with one another
Sunday 17th Nov
Give thanks for all of our health professionals who tirelessly support families dealing with challenges experienced by their loved ones
Monday 18th Nov
Pray for the families of prisoners, let them not be judged or abandoned but loved and supported by those who embody God's compassion and understand the value of just being there without agendas
Tuesday 19th Nov
We give thanks for al the people who motivate and inspire us
Wednesday 20th Nov
Pray for absent loved ones, giving thanks for time enjoyed in their company and the gift of knowing them however long.
Thursday 21st Nov
Thanks to those who give gifts and time for those who are not as blessed as we are to be able to celebrate with loving family and friends
Friday 22nd Nov
Pray for the future of the Mangere community, may God be with the decision makers and give them courage to work collaboratively with residents toward outcomes that consider everyone
Saturday 23rd Nov
We ask that people leave our Christmas event inspired to get involved with ‘Church in Progress’
Sunday 24th Nov
God help us to make time to listen to what the You have planned for us
Monday 25th Nov
We pray for new Christians - that their questions are satisfied and their journey fruitful
Tuesday 26th Nov
We pray for the wider MCC Church and give thanks for its inclusive message
Wednesday 27th Nov
Pray that people have fun at our event and still hear the true message of Christmas
Thursday 28th Nov
We pray for presence, not presents!
Friday 29th Nov
We pray for all on a faith journey, that they enjoy the ups, downs and everything I between
Saturday 30th Nov
A week to go! God we offer our excitement up to You!
Sunday 1st Dec
Sustaining God, help us to have times of rest and quiet
Monday 2nd Dec
We ask that God be with each of the core team members as we prepare.  Keep us calm and energized!
Tuesday 3rd Dec
God, would it be cheeky if we asked for good weather? :)
Wednesday 4th Dec
Thanks to all that support us on our journey
Thursday 5th Dec
We pray that Saturday will be joyful and reflect the love you have for all people
Friday 6th Dec
We ask that in the Xmas rush people will travel safely tomorrow and throughout the holiday season
God be the focus today and help us to represent Your love to our community

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