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Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Record of Church in Progress Ideas - 22nd October 2013

Ideas discussed at our Church in Progress get together 22nd October 2013

Who was there?  Alan, Emily, Angie, Riley, Daniel at Angie’s Place.  Adrienne and Matheus via Skype!

General Discussion (not in the order talked about or in order of importance J  ….)
  • Continue to use Emily’s email as the contact and hold off on website stuff
  • Everyone try and keep their receipts so we know how much to budget for in the future
  • Talked about getting reimbursed for what we spend – currently everyone happy t o contribute to the project by buying bits and pieces.  We all voiced that we wanted to contribute and bring our gifts of time/money to the church.  Also talked about how we spend money on our whanau and it’s not an issue – this feels the same.
  • We also talked about how no one had the go ahead for crazy spending.  Don’t spend a whole bunch of cash and then stress about it! J
  • We also decided to split the cost of the venue for Christmas four ways.
  • Discussed Light Parties as an alternative to Halloween.  We talked about how it was asked on facebook “Why do you, or why do you not celebrate Halloween?”.  Which lead us onto how we didn’t know much about Halloween!  We thought it would be interesting to ask the same question about Christmas – what would people say.  We agreed that it was super important for our Christmas event to reflect the ‘reason for the season’.

Christmas Celebration Discussion – 7th December 2013

  • Name of the event …. “Be Part of the Story”
  • Timetable IF we can’t have the powhiri later … Set up 1-2pm, Party to start at 2pm (no fixed end time), Clean up 7-8pm (or whenever it finishes)
  • Angie’s great idea to get stuff from the toy library – Al and Em to chuck it in their car 9.30am on the day of the p-a-r-t-y …
  • We need a clear introduction at the start of the event to explain Church in Progress
  • Suggested activities for the day - Icebreakers crackers, Snow Ball fight, Prayer hope chain, Dress Up Nativity, Communal art piece from junk mail, Communion/Food, Prayer stations
  • Core Team to bring two plates of yummy food each – we need to decide who brings what
  • Adrienne might make truffles for people to take home!
  • Adrienne offered to mock up print invite
  • Emily to write up facebook invite – with Core Team photo
  • We decided it was okay to suggest that people bring – koha, a plate and donation for food bank, but have the option of one or all three.
  • Other ideas for invite – Come to our family church, celebrate as a community, bring yourself, your friends and family, needs to reflect it is kids friendly – but not just for kids.
  • Emily to check about the Mangere Budgeting Service food bank needs
  • Don’t forget Karakia – who will do this?
  • Angie to keep treasurers report (currently started on her Little Miss Giggles notepad in pencil)
  • Angie to find out from our lovely Tania if we could have the powhiri a little later so our guests could be a part of it.  Also, if there was a BBQ/plates etc and if they have a food bank we can contribute to.
  • We need to book in a ‘pull our resources day’
Extra notes ….
  • We forgot to talk about music!
  • Tea/Coffee?
  • Need a box or something for koha
  • Rubbish bags

Also lots of talk about how cool, exciting and challenging this journey we on is!
How do we all feel about a discussion group for Lent?

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