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Thursday, 10 October 2013

Record of Church in Progress Ideas - 10th October 2013

Ideas discussed at our Church in Progress get together at Na's place - 10th October July 2013 

Who was there? Alan, Adrienne, Angie, Riley, Daniel, Matheus and Emily

General Discussion

·         We decided that we world towards getting things done by consensus.
·         Have everything CIP transparent.  Financial stuff and minutes etc on the website.
·         Have to create a safe space so when people want out they can say so.  Be even better if they are able to explain why with no shame/fear of judgement etc.  Then we can learn from it. 
·         We want a healthy church – need to be open to changes in leadership – everyone should be able to have a go.
·         We talked about progressive dialogue as an alternative to traditional preaching.  Everyone was keen to work towards this.
·         BIG DREAMS!  Ordination and celebration of 20 CIP members by mid 2015.
·         Talked about the feelings behind collections/donations etc “give what you can, take what you need”.
·         Service 10-11am – Action 24-7!
·         Talked some more about when to have regular services
·         Church in Progress is an experiment of inclusive worship for South Auckland.
·         DVD night to watch Troy Perry’s movie (founder of MCC)

Christmas Celebration Discussion

·         Decided on a date for the Christmas gathering – 7th December at the urban marae in Mangere
·         Snowball fight!
·         Christmas Crackers – inside has a discussion starter.
·         Children of God – Enjoy Christmas like a kid again?
·         1-8pm for the venue
·         2pm onwards – celebration
·         Afternoon of fun
·         Angie said she had lots of dress up costumes at home which might be good for nativity.
·         Thought of a theme for Christmas “we are all part of the story”.
·         Maybe bring something for a food bank.  Mangere Budgeting Service?  Em to look into
·         We decided to have communion as part of the grace before eating.

And we had our very first official photo!

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