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Monday, 28 October 2013

Church in Progress on Joy FM - Melbourne

Emily and Alan were interviewed by the lovely peeps at the Spirit Lounge on Joy FM 94.9 in Melbourne. Rev Joy Etwell (The Priest) and Andrew Wheatland (The Poof) make up this fabulous team.

  Listen as they talk about their adventures... their pilgrimage across Spain, volunteering in India with Project Why and being part of the Core Team that is Church in Progress!

Click the following link to listen ...

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Record of Church in Progress Ideas - 22nd October 2013

Ideas discussed at our Church in Progress get together 22nd October 2013

Who was there?  Alan, Emily, Angie, Riley, Daniel at Angie’s Place.  Adrienne and Matheus via Skype!

Sunday, 20 October 2013

The Singing Priest

I saw this video of Rev. Bruno Maggioni in Italy quite some time ago. Every now and then I watch it and it makes me smile and gives me hope.

"I am a priest in a suburban parish," he told daily newspaper Corriere della Sera. "To communicate with the faithful, I need to use a simple language, one that is close to their daily lives. I discovered that with light-hearted music I can fill their hearts with joy. And so, I became a singer."

What do you love/dislike about our Singing Priest?

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Record of Church in Progress Ideas - 10th October 2013

Ideas discussed at our Church in Progress get together at Na's place - 10th October July 2013 

Who was there? Alan, Adrienne, Angie, Riley, Daniel, Matheus and Emily

Discussion verses Preaching

At our last Church in Progress meeting we talked about 'Preaching Re-Imagined' by Doug Pagitt.

It was a strange experience reading Preaching Re-Imagined.  It was like someone had taken my thoughts, articulated them and then printed them in this book.  For some time now I have wondered what church would be like without a sermon slot.  Preaching Re-Imagined is a book for anyone who has dared to imagine church in an alternative way.  It is especially for those of us how are having a hard time voicing why we need to change and envisaging what transformation could come from doing things differently.