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Saturday, 3 August 2013

Is there S P A C E within churches to hear people's stories?

I have often wondered why the cuppa after the service was my favourite part of going to church. I think I now know why. It's the place we were get to talk with others and hear and share our stories. Which leads me to think - wouldn't it be awesome if there was more space in the worship service to hear and share our stories. How God is working in our lives.

I have heard how some churches are incorporating this sharing into their services. If your church does this - please use the comments field to share how you are doing it.

Telling stories, in whatever way and through whatever medium it is done, opens up new spaces in which people can feel safe (for their stories are as important as everyone else's), and in a Christian context that should be a safe space in which faith can be nurtured, as those who have found new direction through following Jesus introduce others to the hope that is within them (1 Peter 3:15), and meeting with one another becomes a meeting with God. Biblical faith is intrinsically relational, not exclusively propositional, and telling stories will always be a key way of exploring the meaning of that.
Drane, John William. The McDonaldization of the Church: Spirituality, Creativity, and the Future of the Church. London: Darton Longman & Todd, 2000, page 153.

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