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Thursday, 9 February 2012

Camino Inspired ...

When Emily and Alan returned to South London MCC after completing the camino in Spain - we talked to the congregation about what we had learnt on The Way.  Mary took notes and shared them with us...

1.       One step at a time in 500 miles
2.       Dislocation can be the needed thing
3.       Appreciate creation including your body
4.       Even though a building is a ruin it can still do good things – a ruin still has energy
5.       Look after your body – it has been given to you
6.       Make God time normal time
7.       Just let it happen.  The Big Man will sort it
8.       Slow down to trust the ‘let it happen’. Give it time
9.       You have the provision – so if it rains you have a poncho
10.   Learn what you need to carry in your rucksack and what you do not need
11.   you can get by with so little
12.   Pick up a stone to represent your burden.  Lay it down when you begin to get an answer to your burden.  Pick up someone else’s stone and carry that for a while to help them.

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