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Friday, 4 November 2011

Fantastic Resource for Teens

From their website ...

I assume you are a humanIf not, welcome to the planet, and I'm sorry about all those terrible sci-fi movies.
If you are a human, you have a head, which is useful for hanging sunglasses on, but it can also cause a few problems.

This is a website about driving your head, and how to look after it.

Life is ChaptersYou're a book. You are born in chapter two. (No-one likes to think about what their parents did in Chapter One! Actually, Chapter One is also all about your heritage, your roots, your whakapapa.) The chapters have rolled on, one after another - perhaps some good, some bad.

The book isn't finished yet
Maybe, right now, you are in the middle of a rotten, hard, tough chapter. It's a stink chapter. Stink chapters often contain this lie: "This is how it's always going to be." Yes, it may be a shocker at the moment, but the moment isn't forever. The rest of the book of your life hasn't been written yet. Even if your book has had a tragic start, you can choose how your story is going to turn out.

Many people just watch their lives happen the same way they watch a TV programme happen. They are interested to see how it's going to turn out, but they do not really believe that they can change things. Why settle for a lousy, B-grade life?

You are the script-writer, director and star of your own life. Why not write yourself a great script?
This site is COMPLETELY dedicated to the idea that anyone can change their life. And you are an anyone. You can do something with your life.

Change means moving on
"Yeah, right, fine. Easy to say, hard to do. How do I get the life I want while I'm still super-glued to the life I've got now?" This site isn't magic. To get from the life you've got to the life you want may take time, and it may be hard. But you can get there... as long as you're prepared to move on.

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